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Welcome to the World, Addison!

This little girl was born just before Christmas, a sweet gift to her parents. When I met her at two weeks old, Addison was too interested in the world to sleep! ...at first 🙂 Congratulations, Eric & Katie! // Ahna p.s. Addison's dad, Eric, is a talented ceramics artist. Especially if you're a fellow Star… Continue reading Welcome to the World, Addison!

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Happy Half-Birthday, Emily! {6-month session}

Little Emily has gone from a joyful Christmas bundle to a springtime beauty. Do you think her adorable baby blue eyes will call the Spring weather to Michigan faster? (It snowed again . . . and again.) Sibling kisses incoming! It's hard work looking cute for the camera, so Emmy plays with her giraffe to… Continue reading Happy Half-Birthday, Emily! {6-month session}

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A Bundle of Christmas Joy: 3 Month Mini-Session

The snow is falling, the tree is lit, and little Emily is as cute as ever. With a mom who loves Christmas (no, really, probably more than you), Emily was destined to have this themed shoot. Ready for cuteness overload? Little Emmy started complaining, but then she looked at Mom . . . Doesn't that… Continue reading A Bundle of Christmas Joy: 3 Month Mini-Session

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The “Event Package”

As I looked for ways to practice my craft before launching ARTZ Visual Media, family and church events became good opportunities. Now I've had several chances to create invitations and shoot photos for various events. Here are some recent highlights: Anna's Baby Showers The invitation: The party: The invitation: The party: Discovery Church Create Week… Continue reading The “Event Package”

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Invitation Design: More Baby Shower Ideas

Recently I shared my design for a storybook baby shower invitation. Since then, I've made a couple more invitations: one for a more "generic" (as in, the theme of the party is "baby shower") baby shower and one for a cow-themed baby shower. The latter I created as an e-invite, with links in the design… Continue reading Invitation Design: More Baby Shower Ideas

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Invitation Design: A Storybook Baby Shower

*This invitation is now available on Etsy!* When you were a little kid, did you ever wish that your best friend was your sibling? Well, guess what: my wish came true! And now Anna, my best friend and sister-in-law, is pregnant! I wanted to throw her a baby shower and we both decided a children's… Continue reading Invitation Design: A Storybook Baby Shower