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Design Inspiration: Color Palettes

Sometimes I just get stuck in the same pattern of design, and I need to force myself to experiment. A soothing & creative activity, I've found, is creating simple color palettes. They also inspire me to combine and see colors in new ways. I've begun sharing a palette of the day on my Instagram story.… Continue reading Design Inspiration: Color Palettes

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Church Resources: Lent Bookmark & Poster

I love watercolor. My skills lie in digital art, but that perhaps only increases my appreciation for painting! This project was a marriage of painting & digital design. The client: Discovery Church The project: Matching poster & bookmark for the Lent series based on Jesus's "I Am"s in the book of John Collaborator: Roberta VanHaitsma,… Continue reading Church Resources: Lent Bookmark & Poster

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Christmas Card Infographics: A Simpler Style

Infographics on your Christmas card can be crammed full of fun details about your year, but if you'd rather a simpler style, check out these cards I made this year! This first one is great for parents with many children who just need to give a quick update to friends. This next one is my… Continue reading Christmas Card Infographics: A Simpler Style

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A Thanksgiving-themed Birth Announcement

Card templates for holidays, graduations, and birth announcements can be super helpful. I'm sure you're familiar with the various websites that offer them. But I'm sure you're also familiar with the drawback of templates: limited customization. My friend Anna had the brilliant idea to combine her holiday greetings with the announcement of her daughter's birth… Continue reading A Thanksgiving-themed Birth Announcement

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Here’s to a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Exciting announcement!!! I've teamed up with Lindsey's Calligraphy again to bring you an awesome package for the Christmas season. Here's the deets: The entire package is $155. That gets you a personalized two-sided 5x7 or 4x8 (whichever fits your info best) Christmas card infographic (typically a photo & greeting on the front, infographic on… Continue reading Here’s to a Stress-Free Holiday Season

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Graphic Design for Your Fridge

Graphic design isn't just about making things look "nice." It's about solving problems and communicating efficiently. For example: My sister recently sent me a Word document with a list of daily chores assigned to family members. The problem: Looking at this document, it's not immediately clear what chore anyone has to do today. Janelle asked… Continue reading Graphic Design for Your Fridge

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The “Event Package”

As I looked for ways to practice my craft before launching ARTZ Visual Media, family and church events became good opportunities. Now I've had several chances to create invitations and shoot photos for various events. Here are some recent highlights: Anna's Baby Showers The invitation: The party: The invitation: The party: Discovery Church Create Week… Continue reading The “Event Package”