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Bridal Shower Invitations: Fun Coral & Mint

I know some people hate attending showers for weddings or babies, but I love them. Even the games. Maybe my friends are just better at choosing the fun games and throwing a good party! 😉 Speaking of, one of my friends is throwing a bridal shower for her sister, so I designed invitations inspired by… Continue reading Bridal Shower Invitations: Fun Coral & Mint

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Freebie “Friday:” Galentine’s Day Cards

Shhh; pretend I managed to get this up on Friday instead of Monday, okay? Valentine's Day can be a bit controversial, but single or coupled, the girls I know won't complain about celebrating Galentine's Day! This holiday was invented by Leslie Knope from the show Parks & Recreation and is celebrated annually on February 13.… Continue reading Freebie “Friday:” Galentine’s Day Cards

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2018 Christmas Card Infographics!

Christmas is almost here, and this year's cards are all done! Here's a little peek at the designs I made this year. I also made a custom card for my aunt, who wanted to feature her beautiful painting of her trip to Croatia. I digitized the painting, and then had this simple card printed: Merry… Continue reading 2018 Christmas Card Infographics!

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Freebie Friday: Holiday Bookmarks

This freebie has ended. Relax; it's December! Christmas vacation is here (or almost), and you deserve a break. Light the fire, grab a blanket, and crack open that book you've been meaning to read. And when it's time to leave for that holiday party or take the cookies out of the oven, use a festive… Continue reading Freebie Friday: Holiday Bookmarks

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The 2018 Holiday Package!

Happy November! I've teamed up with Lindsey's Calligraphy to bring you our awesome package for the Christmas season once again. Here are the deets: The entire package is $240. That gets you a personalized two-sided 5x7 or 4x8 (whichever fits your info best) Christmas card infographic (typically a photo & greeting on the front, infographic on… Continue reading The 2018 Holiday Package!

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October: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

This freebie has ended. It's been six months since I miscarried my first child. Six months since I joined a club of women none of us want to be in. Six months of learning how incredibly common miscarriage is and how many of the couples in my wider circle have experienced pregnancy loss. Six months… Continue reading October: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

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Moving Announcement Postcard

I recently designed this custom Texas-themed moving announcement. The postcard style worked well for an easy note to friends; the client provided a spreadsheet of addresses, and then the printer included an address on each card. I stamped & mailed them all, so it was pretty hands-off for the client! Easy-peasy. What can I design… Continue reading Moving Announcement Postcard

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Freebie Friday: Back to School Edition

This freebie has ended. It's August, which means the school year is just around the corner (or already here for some of you!). And according to Pinterest, every parent is required to get a "First Day of School" pic, right? 🙂 Whether you're the type of parent to follow those rules or not, I've saved… Continue reading Freebie Friday: Back to School Edition

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Wedding Invitations: Pretty Navy & White

This was my first chance (besides my own) to create wedding invitations, and I'm so glad Rachel & Justin took a chance on me! These were so fun to design. The plan was for mainly navy & white invitations that were simple, but not too simple, ya know? Best wishes to the happy couple! ///… Continue reading Wedding Invitations: Pretty Navy & White