Graphic Design

Church Resources: Lent Bookmark & Poster

I love watercolor. My skills lie in digital art, but that perhaps only increases my appreciation for painting!

This project was a marriage of painting & digital design.

The client: Discovery Church

The project: Matching poster & bookmark for the Lent series based on Jesus’s “I Am”s in the book of John

Collaborator: Roberta VanHaitsma, a fellow church member who is a gifted artist

Roberta and I chatted a little bit about our vision for the bookmark, and then she went off to do some watercolor magic. A few days later, I was handed four paintings to play around with. Here they are scanned in:

I dropped them into Photoshop, played around with fonts, and came up with 3 designs (one of the paintings didn’t give me enough space for the text below):

The team at Discovery chose #1 (my personal fave), and off to the printer it went — in time to be handed out during the Ash Wednesday service.

I always design a poster for Discovery’s sermon series as well, so once we settled on the bookmark design, I whipped up a matching larger poster:

Gorgeous painting, right?! Roberta is so talented.

Do you like seeing little peeks into my process? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.


UPDATE 02/20/18: Discovery decided to post a separate image for each week as well, which gave me an opportunity to use the other watercolor paintings that didn’t work for the bookmark. I made these 8.5 x 11 for easy at-home printing.


Would you be interested in a free download of each of these designs? I might start a free download section of this site . . . hmm.

UPDATE 02/21/18: Free downloads now available here!

/// Ahna

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