Graphic Design

Here’s to a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Exciting announcement!!!

I’ve teamed up with Lindsey’s Calligraphy again to bring you an awesome package for the Christmas season.

Here’s the deets:

The entire package is $155. That gets you a personalized two-sided 5×7 or 4×8 (whichever fits your info best) Christmas card infographic (typically a photo & greeting on the front, infographic on the back), printing, hand-lettered addressing, and sending. Postage & printing costs are INCLUDED in this price! We’ll send you a copy of your own card so that you can see what your friends & family will be getting in the mail.

All we’ll need from you is to fill out a quick form telling us fun facts from your year, a photo you want for the front, and a list of addresses (we WON’T use them for anything else).

Price is based on 50 cards; we can do more upon request and will adjust the printing & shipping cost accordingly.

Guaranteed mailing in time for Christmas!

We’re capping at 3 clients this year, so be quick.

Contact me to claim your spot!



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