Graphic Design

Graphic Design for Your Fridge

Graphic design isn’t just about making things look “nice.” It’s about solving problems and communicating efficiently.

For example:

My sister recently sent me a Word document with a list of daily chores assigned to family members.

Pretty boring, right?

The problem:

Looking at this document, it’s not immediately clear what chore anyone has to do today. Janelle asked me if I could make her boring list prettier, but I also hoped to make it work better for those who had to look at it on the fridge everyday.

The solution:

A grid that easily separates days and a color code for each person.

Two fonts (Le Fontaine & Futura PT) — but only two fonts — make it easy to read & distinguish titles from duties.

Three colors make it easy to see if you, a family member, have chores to do today.

Just a few fancy corners give it a touch of Janelle’s style.

And I kept it at the regular 8.5″ x 11″ size so that Janelle could easily print at home.

If you look around your house, what other problems could good graphic design solve for you?

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