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What to Wear for Your Family Photos

If you’re like me, the most stressful part of getting family pictures taken is deciding what to wear. You can always default to basics like black and white and jeans, but what if you could show a bit more personality?

My friend Corinn (in my opinion) does a great job of dressing her family for pictures. She manages to choose outfits that are creative and go together, but don’t leave everyone looking like twins.


Corinn has some outfit tips for your next photoshoot:

1. Start with an inspirational piece of clothing.


This might be a shirt you really love, some fantastic red pants, or an adorable dress you just found for your toddler.


2. Build around this piece by finding one thing that matches it for everyone else.


If your inspirational piece was purchased recently, go back to that store. Typically stores and brands will have the same color scheme for their season’s styles, so it will be easier to find matching colors this way. For Eliza’s first birthday shoot, Corinn liked her bold red/orange shirt with Eliza’s dress, and Nick’s shirt from the same store pulled them both together.

Sometimes you may decide to let that one piece stand out boldly and match people to the more muted parts of the outfit. For their fall shoot last year, Corinn decided to let Eliza’s pants stand out and dressed herself & Nick in more muted, comfortable beige & denim.



3. Try not to have more than one person in a pattern (or perhaps 2 if you have a larger family).

Otherwise, too many bold patterns can look confusing and busy.



4. Consider the backdrop.

Think about the season and location where we will be shooting. How can you stand out from it, but not clash?


If it’s springtime or summer in the park, greens won’t make you pop–but other bold colors or pretty blues will. If you want to wear green (like this adorable dress below that popped brilliantly against the Blue Bridge), try pairing it with another piece that will separate it from nature.


If it’s autumn in the woods, some colors might pop, but a pattern with fall colors will fight too much with the leaves. Here, denim and beige, though they sound boring, work nicely.



5. Above all, choose outfits that make you feel confident.

If an outfit doesn’t quite fit or isn’t your style, your discomfort will come through on the pictures.





Now that you’re dressed, drop me a line to schedule your shoot! (And thanks for the help, Corinn!)


I typically charge $200 for a one-hour shoot and edited images.

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