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Invitation Design: More Baby Shower Ideas

Recently I shared my design for a storybook baby shower invitation. Since then, I’ve made a couple more invitations: one for a more “generic” (as in, the theme of the party is “baby shower”) baby shower and one for a cow-themed baby shower. The latter I created as an e-invite, with links in the design to RSVP and view the registry.

There are so many beautiful ideas out there for “generic” baby shower invitations! I decided to go with a dreamy nighttime feel for this one.

The poem was written by the Grandma-to-be hosting this party. I think it’s a cute way to share the reason for this piece of mail you just opened.

I drew those stars in Illustrator and the fonts used are Existence Light and Modesty, both free from

As I said, this next invitation was created to be emailed. I created a Google Form to handle the RSVPs and invitees only needed to click “RSVP” to fill it out, or “View Registry” to choose a gift.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun coming up with cow puns 🙂

I’d love to help you with your invitation needs, whether emailed, punny, or traditional! Contact me to get started.


I typically charge $40 + printing fees for one-sided invitations & $50 + printing for two-sided.

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