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Travel: Spain!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I recently took a trip to Spain.

I visited the United Kingdom in college, but I had never been to mainland Europe before. When my in-laws invited my husband and I to join them on a trip, we decided to brush up on our high school Spanish and fly over the Atlantic!*

Here are some of my favorite photos from our travels to Santander, Barcelona, Seville, Toledo, and Madrid.

*Survivable by distracting oneself with at least 2 in-flight movies

After visiting a friend and enjoying the northern coast in Santander, we flew to Barcelona to dip our toes in the Mediterranean and see why Antoni Gaudí is such a big deal (I get it now).

Natural light shining through the stained glass of La Sagrada Familia
The ceiling of La Sagrada Familia is, as you can see, breathtaking.

Next stop: Seville. A very old city with incredible architecture.

After Seville, we stayed in Madrid.

Toledo is a short high-speed train trip away from Madrid, so we spent a day there exploring the old city where Don Quixote was written.

Until next time, Europe!


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